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CSN Services

Every person is capable of growth and learning through community experiences.


Interested in current service openings? To learn more about your options contact one of our local area offices directly or submit an inquiry using the button below.

Person Centered Supports

CSN supports people to live life to its fullest in their community. Our staff is dedicated to respecting and appreciating each person's remarkable abilities. It is our role to support and assist individuals in increasing their self-expression and self-understanding so that personal growth can flourish. 


We tailor services to each person's own hopes, dreams, goals, and needs while assisting them to strengthen and develop their skills. 


Residential Services

Both hourly and daily community living services are available. These services provide a variety of supports for a person which include; supporting a person to live in their own home or apartment, assist with learning new skills, household chores, personal hygiene, meal preparation, shopping, social and adaptive skills and more! Residential supports and services are designed to promote increased independence that can range from intermittent supports in a family’s residence or person’s own home, to 24-hour services in a small group residence. Our primary goal is to support people to maximize their abilities and increase participation in life.  


CSN staff works with each person, their family, and their team in order to develop a personalized program and support system. We truly believe in strong relationships and having good communication in order to provide the best supports possible.

Employment Services

Currently Offered Only in Nebraska

CSN's supported employment and vocational services in Nebraska are highly individualized services associated with supporting anyone to learn through exploration, engagement and experience.

  • Job exploration

  • Career Planning

  • Supported employment

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Job training and skill development

  • Exploring college courses

Host Home Services or Shared Living Provider Services

Offered in Nebraska & Iowa Only

Host Home services in Iowa and Shared Living Provider services in Nebraska are unique community-based living options. A contractor provides supports to a person who comes to live in their home, and the residence effectively becomes the person's home. Click below to learn more about what Host Home services are and how to become a Host Home or Shared Living Provider subcontractor.

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