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Our Mission

Support people with mental health needs and/or developmental disabilities to gain skills, knowledge and experience to increasingly use and benefit from the resources and settings available to all citizens in our community.

Our Vision

We care about and value every stakeholder. It is very important to us that every stakeholder is highly satisfied with the services we provide.

We will aim to engage every employee to further our Mission, Principles, and Goals with flawless efficiency and effectiveness.

The Principles That Guide Us

  • Every person has value.

  • Every person must be treated with dignity and respect. 

  • Every person is capable of growth and learning through community experiences.

  • Every person will experience life in the most natural of settings.

  • Every person has the right to be the primary decision maker in their life and carries the responsibility for the direction it takes.

  • Every person is protected by the full weight of the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments.

  • Every person will be considered for participation in the program without regard to race, color, national origin, marital status, religion, creed, handicap, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

Our Goals

  • CSN will strive to provide the nature and caliber of services that are requested.

  • CSN will facilitate the use of community resources and promote individual empowerment thereby reducing reliance on agency provided services and facilities.

  • CSN will encourage people to make informed decisions and experience the resulting outcomes.

  • CSN will strive to be a vehicle, which enables individuals with developmental disabilities to fully participate in all areas of interest to them.

  • CSN will maintain a service delivery system that is responsive and accountable to people with developmental disabilities and to the public.

  • CSN will not rely exclusively on traditional service models when developing systems and procedures, but will attempt to provide services designed specifically to meet the needs, interests and desires of the person supported and their family.

Our Underlying Value Proposition

So what does the language from CSN’s Mission, Vision, Principles, and Goals mean to us?

To support people to improve their quality of life through learning new skills to achieve goals.


Simply put, our Brand Message is:




About CSN

Originally established in 1993 as Developmental Services of Nebraska. In 2007 we expanded into a network of providers including Developmental Services of Iowa followed by Community Supports Inc. Ultimately, in 2019 we consolidated into one organization, The Community Supports Network. 

The Community Supports Network exists to meet the needs of people experiencing developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs. Since its inception, CSN has strived to develop a model that caters to the needs of each person. CSN does not rely exclusively on traditional service models when developing systems and procedures but attempts to provide services designed specifically to meet needs, interests, and desires.


CSN currently provides services in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.


We have a foundational belief that supporting one person requires a multitude of considerations and supports. For this reason, CSN has built an infrastructure utilizing a team of professionals that includes caring direct support professionals and case management staff to ensure that each person we support receives the services that best meet their individual needs. 

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