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Shared Living Provider

Shared Living Provider (SLP), previously called Extended Family Homes, are all about finding the right match between the person being supported and the SLP provider.

Shared Living Provider Services - Nebraska

A Shared Living Provider (SLP)previously called Extended Family Homes (EFH) in Nebraska, and sometimes called a "Host Home" is a community-based living option. A contractor with CSN provides supports to a person who comes to live in their home, and the residence effectively becomes the person’s home. A type of shared living arrangement is established, with the person supported contributing to costs via a room and board payment. Additionally, the subcontractor is paid to support the person to live and become fully integrated into community life. Supports include formal training, based on the person’s identified goals, as well as development of interests and connections that enable the person to be a fully participating and contributing member of the community. Want to learn more about SLP Services? Contact us and let's talk!

Interested in Being an SLP?

Anyone can apply to become an SLP subcontractor with CSN. Our aim is to create the best match possible between the subcontractor and the person desiring supports.  We do this by recruiting people who may make a good match, or by using our open application process and then involving the person supported in the selection process.  Our aim is to identify a good match from the start, so that an SLP relationship starts off with the greatest chance of success and longevity.  We ensure that the SLP meets all regulatory requirements, and offer training on how to provide quality services and supports.  And we offer the same to the SLP's identified relief subcontractors, when applicable.


What is required to become an SLP?

  • Valid driver’s license and auto insurance with reliable transportation

  • Successful completion of background checks

  • Pass drug screening

  • Residence walk through to ensure a safe and comfortable environment

  • Complete necessary training

  • Strong desire to support another person to succeed and live the good life we all want

What training is provided by CSN?

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Medication Aide Training

  • MANDT Training

  • How to meet a person’s Health Needs

  • Orientation to supporting people with developmental disabilities

  • Documentation Training on the Therap database

  • Identification, reporting, and prevention of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

  • Orientation to supporting people with mental illness

SLP subcontractors will have access to a state-of-the-art learning management system and opportunities for personal and professional development through hundreds of on-line course options and several live training events sponsored by the agency.

Major Responsibilities of a Shared Living Provider

  • Provide a safe living environment

  • Complete daily and other documentation in electronic format provided by the agency

  • Administer medications and complete treatments as ordered by physician

  • Support the person’s health and well-being by accompanying them to doctor’s visits, providing support to make healthy lifestyle choices, and maintaining high expectations that they will live a full and healthy life

  • Contribute as a team member by completing assessments and attending meetings

  • Implement skill development and behavior support plans written by the contractor

  • Ensure the person’s other needs are met, including hygiene, recreation, spiritual and social activities and involvement

  • Teach, support, protect and advocate for the person​​

Reimbursement to SLP Subcontractors

CSN reimburses SLP subcontractors for the provision of habilitative services and supports.  We offer a competitive rate; the contract amount is based on the person’s authorized budget amount

How can you get started to become an SLP (Host Home)?

  • Contact us to start the discussion!

  • Complete & submit application

  • Interview with CSN

  • Complete Background Checks

  • Complete Drug Screen

  • Take part in activities to identify a good match

  • Meet with the person you may support

  • Schedule & Complete necessary training

Contact CSN to Learn More



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